Sunday, 28 March 2021

In & Share Scrapbook Blog Hop - M is for MOON

Hello fellow crafters

Here we are with another Ink & Share Scrapbook blog hop. Its time for a group of us from various parts of the world to get together again to share ideas for beautiful scrapbook layouts. Whether you've dropped in from Sandra or come straight here into my blog post I bid you welcome and hope we can all tempt you to create a page yourself.

This month we have the letter M to work around. I started thinking about this just before Mothers Day, but that would have been too obvious. After some thought .... and a memory jogger from the Timehop app on my phone .... I decided on ....

M is for MOON

My dad has always had an interest in Astronomy ever since in his younger days when he was in the Merchant Navy. One night his ship was in the middle of the ocean, he was on watch and saw a meteor burn across the sky and disappear below the horizon. That triggered a lifelong fascination with the sky at night. When I was a child he would often take me out to the back garden to show me the stars and told me their names. In more recent years dad suggested we get a telescope and the first thing we looked at was the moon!

This has brought back some fun memories of stargazing with not only my dad, but my children too, which is what scrapbooking is all about. a memory of times spent with family and friends. Please do now go onto Dorothea by clicking the Next button.

Happy crafting,
Karen xx

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  1. Great layout idea. I think the circles in relation to the moon are great

  2. love your layout Karen. thanks for hopping this month

  3. Brilliant use of the letter M, how lovely that he shared his passion with you and it is still a passion for him. thanks for sharing

  4. Dear Karen, wow. Great layout. A great sketch. great colors. A successful inspiration for me. Thank you very much for that. All the best, Doro