Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Spring is here ...... oh no it's not!

Hello crafters,

Welcome to CLMK land again. This time I'm using an older stamp set - Tranquil Tulips.

First of all I made an ATC (Artist Trading Card) for a monthly swap I take part in. This year it's simply the months of the year. As it's now March, and supposedly the start of spring, I took inspiration from my dad's little garden. His black tulips from last year are starting to grow, despite all the snow we've had. They were truly beautiful last year - tall, dark and majestic. I loved them. So my ATC had to feature tulips.

Then of course I had to decorate the envelope. The ATC looked a bit lost in the envelope so finally I put together a quick card, left blank for the recipient to use. I do love how the colours all match - from the ink, to the paper, to the cardstock!

Let's hope Spring truly is here and that the snow for this winter is finished.

Happy crafting 
Karen x

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